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Crestchan, September 22nd, 2014, 9:30 am ( Reply )

leaving already?
Well they got that confusion all cleared up. Also, just what kind of rumors of Fuko are just floating around? That has me a little curious. Would you believe any Fuko rumor you heard? Something like beating an army of punks all on her own? Stopping a car with just her fist? Running home and back to school before lunch is over? Would you believe any of those?
Well anyways its Monday, start of the week. Hopefully you all have a great week. I will see you all on Wednesday.

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cassandra (Guest), September 22nd, 2014, 2:40 pm ( Reply )

Yes I would believe most rumors of Fuko. Especially if it concerns her girlfriend.

Mystearen, September 22nd, 2014, 9:12 pm ( Reply )

that was a very fast jump to conclusions.

Now i'm kinda wondering WHY she made that jump, and why she's homeschooled.

I'm thinking she's gay, and her parents think it has something to do with outside influences so they're trying to lock her up until the gay "goes away".

as for Fuko, i think the car thing is probably just that, a rumour. the army of punks is likely an exaggeration, the running back home and to school is probably legit depending on how far she lives, and she's obviously an athletic gal.

but no, i disagree with the sister. she probably would kill her, not curse her. xD

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