» Comics - Bisetsu's anger? - March 23rd, 2015, 10:28 am

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Crestchan, March 23rd, 2015, 10:35 am ( Reply )

Well here is one of the rare edited by me page layouts. I fixed it up a little. Just the top right panels. I was thinking that I might start doing that kind of stuff. Does anyone like the pre-made layouts or do you want to see what I can do, on my own?
Well it seems that B-ko exploded a little there. Maybe she has been holding back what she thinks? What do you think, did she overreact?
Recently I have been thinking of the big event that I was planing as a finisher for my comic. I have gotten really excited about it, but I realized even after I do that I could still make more chapters for this comic. A lot can still happen after what I have planned for this.
Hey look. Two rare things this update. I redid the layout and I made a longer then normal author comment. That deserves a celebration.

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User Comments:

cassandra (Guest), March 23rd, 2015, 11:11 am ( Reply )

They look fine. But B definitely overreacted. Maybe it's just been building up?

Mystearen, March 24th, 2015, 2:58 am ( Reply )

I kind of think Fuko and Aiko never really told her they think of her as a friend, or that they care in general. So she just made the assumption they were "just" a gang. And not more. So, yeah. I believe it's been building up for awhile. But I also kind of think Fuko and Aiko thought it was obvious, so they never felt the need to say it o.o

as for your editing the page, it looks fine. I'd encourage you to do it more. :D

But this kind of makes me wonder, why was Setsu so adamant about helping Sakura if she doesn't think of any of them as friends? Unless she was literally just looking for an excuse to fight.

And lastly. Oblivious maybe, and perhaps lacking a tiny bit of common sense about some things. :D but she is a bookworm, "dumb" isn't really an apt description xD

Crestchan, March 24th, 2015, 7:14 am ( Reply )

@Mystearen: Well to be completely honest, she said dumb because anyone can see that Fuko likes Mika but Mika doesn't see that. That is why Bisetsu said she was dumb.

Mystearen, March 24th, 2015, 12:34 pm ( Reply )

as I said, oblivious and lacking common sense towards certain things :D (Yes I am aware Setsu was not actually calling her a dunce xD) I just like poking people who use terms like "stupid" for someone being oblivious to the obvious. (To further drive it in, i like to make a derp face whenever someone points out something obvious i overlooked. :D)

I still find it kind of funny, she has kind of taken advantage of Fuko's feelings once, at least in regards to asking her to not fight. To which Fuko has agree'd and is trying her best. And Mika is still oblivious to it.

Then again, I have compared her to a Harem main character. Which are known for being completely oblivious to everyone's feelings xD

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